Acervus Cron

Hello, friend! This is a simple and useful application. Just drop your Acervus/Sophia user and pass and wait for the success message.
Once registered, it will renewal all your books automatically in the last day. It runs every day at 8PM BRT to make sure you get all the sweet time you deserve with your beloved books.
Really hope this helps you out! Code is here.
Disclaimer: Yes, it will store your pass plain-text, there's no other way to impl this.
However, this is already a numerical randomly generated password, so chill out. Also, you can change it anytime you want.
One more thing, if you are concerned: just head to and note what protocol they use.
That's right, they don't support HTTPS. So, I could already be sniffing your pass for a long time if I really wanted.
I mean, what I am going to do with your library password? Renewal the book too soon?

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